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Gleaning and Food Recovery 

Giving a hand UP, not a hand out.

Sherwood Food Pantry
Sherwood Family Food Pantry
Sherwood Families Gleaning at Food Pantry

Our goal is to Create   independence, self-sufficiency  and  sustainability.  Where  people leave changed with a  mentality of  abundance,  service and  community.

What is Gleaning?


Gleaning and Food recovery refers to the collection and distribution of edible food to the less fortunate and hungry. It need not be from the fields, but could be surplus from packing, or distribution or retail outlets. Food recovery takes several forms and provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with food and people, whilst following a basic humanitarian ethic to help others.  Eliminating hunger and poverty is a moral issue.  When we are driven by compassion for others we develop a connection not only to food and people but also to our deepest values.


One of the side benefits of being part of a food recovery program is in knowing you are involved in the continuation of a long history or tradition.  When we connect to tradition we feel a greater connection to all people. Thousands of years ago, nothing was wasted.  Today, it is only the clear-thinking who include food recovery and gleaning as part of the agricultural system.


In most cases food recovery programs do not advantage the owner of the food.  That is, farmers, retailers, wholesalers etc do not stand to gain from the programs – apart from the inherent rewards for providing a service to an economically disadvantaged group. 

What's New?

GNFP is loving our new spacious area with plenty of space to sort veggie bins!  Looking forward to a Loading Dock by 2018!



NEW! We have another vender who is now donating gluten-free breads to the pantry! Days/times vary, so be sure to follow us on FB!


Warning & Liability Notice


Heart 2 Heart Farms GENEROUSLY donates their time, their equipment, and their space to help us get food to those in need. All patrons MUST watch

THIS VIDEO and complete a liability waiver prior to arriving at the property. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL!


This farm is on a HILL, and there is ONLY street-side parking. If you cannot walk up a hill, you will need to bring someone who can come glean for you. 



The GOOD FOOD GOES FAST, and volunteers get first pick! If you are really in need and/or want to make sure you get the most of the gleaning event, show up early, volunteer an hour or two, and get first pick.



This is an outdoor event, and the farm is not equipped with a covered area, so please wear/bring weatherproof/appropriate clothing/accessories. 



We generally don't have enough bags, boxes, and carrying containers for everyone, so we advise EVERYONE to bring their own. 



If dirt, animal poop, stink, and flies bother you, please save yourself the headache. It is held at A FARM.. Children are welcome, but the "child-oriented activities" are few (again, we are a functional farm).


IMPORTANT: These are NOT "store-quality" vegetables. Everything we pick up is damaged or unfit for resale in some way, whether it's expired, bruised, wilted, moldy or imperfect in some other manner. This is SALVAGE, so our quantity (and quality) is different every week. We can only pick up what is available. Some weeks we have lots of great veggies in almost perfect condition, some weeks the quality is much lower.  THESE VEGETABLES ARE FROM A DISTRIBUTOR, AND NOT FROM HEART 2 HEART FARMS. WE ARE MAKING THEM AVAILABLE BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT ABLE TO AFFORD THE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THEY NEED, MUCH LESS BUY LOCAL ORGANIC VEGETABLES.

Heart 2 Heart Farms, LLC wants us to give the following warning:

This property is zoned EFU (Exclusive Farm Use)

It is an ACTIVE farm with farm animals

Animals are harvested for food, and we harvest them HERE on site

Animals Poop. Poop Stinks

Animal Stink Attracts Flies

Animals Have Sex Outdoors

Noise, strong odor, the inherent risks associated with animals and farming (including electric fences), the process of turning animals into food, and outdoor sex all happen here, so please BEWARE.



Further Warning:
Under Oregon Law, there is no liability for injury to, or death of a participant in an equine or agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death result from the inherent risks to equine or agritourism activities including, among others, risk of injury or death inherent to land, animals, equipment, chemicals, or livestock. By entering this property, you are assuming all risks of participating in equine and agritourism activities

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