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Come Make A Difference With Us!

Would you like to increase the size and credibility of your personal and professional references list? Do you love animals, farming, or working outdoors? Does the thought of helping needy families in your community appeal to you? If so, we need your energy!


The farm where we set up our tables for the donated food items is generous enough to lend us their space and resources until funding gets underway. They are helping our organization with everything from use of their truck, forklift, and dollys, to getting rid of the waste left over from the gleaning events.


Passionate volunteers are an essential element to keeping costs down and making the difference we dream of in your area. Volunteers ensure animals get quality care, attention, and room to roam. Volunteers ensure food crops on the farm can grow naturally, without having to use chemical herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and bugs. Volunteers help beautify the area so we can invite the children in our community to come visit, and learn the importance of nutrition in protecting our health and energy levels. And volunteers provide the vision and voice of the people.


There is always help needed, and there is no experience necessary. Whether you’d like to help care for the animals, help put up a new barn on the farm, help with rainwater collection, irrigation, or growing crops and tending the land, we’d love to have you out for tea and talk more about how we can help each other help our communities.


Please watch the video below, it's MANDATORY for all visitors prior to coming to the farm!

"Heart 2 Heart Farm is a true example of what being a part of the community is all about.  The owners, Tyler and Liz, blessed me with an opportunity to volunteer on their farm and get a hands on approach to help serve the community.  Their sustainable practices of farming and raising animals serve as a testament to the beliefs they hold strongly to.  Even if they do not grow the food themselves, they help serve the local community be networking with other like-minded people and businesses to provide good quality food to anybody that needs it.  That is a great thought, but at Heart 2 Heart Farm, they put that thought into action and follow through."

-Paul Bjerke

"It's amazing what your farm does for the community! The relationships you've built with local stores, and the commitment they have made to provide the quantity of food they blows my mind to see just how much food is unloaded and the amount of lives GNFP  has impacted: teaching others about healthy lifestyles, providing healthy food, and helping those in need to get out of poverty. I wish I had found such a great group when I was a struggling single mom, I can't imagine the difference a hand-up would have made."

-Megan Galford

"The Good Neighbor Family Pantry is a wonderful addition to the community. As a small business owner I have had the privilege to volunteer out there and work with good neighbor pantry and heart to heart farms. The things that they do for the community are second to none, they are solely there to help people in need. I have recommended them to several families who are in need and always suggest volunteering for a great organization like this."


-James Vander Meide

VP Coastal Mountain Springs

"I love volunteering up at GNFP because it is a very clean and family oriented venue. I can take anybody up to volunteer with me, at any point. The very first time I went up for a tour of the facilities, I was amazed by their goals and everything they are doing to help out thier community. They are all about helping, They do a work-trade system where we can go and volunteer our time and in return get food that we need when we can't afford to feed our families. I love this organization and they have brought me into their family and are also always there for you no matter what situation you are going through. I am so grateful I met all of them!"

-Hannah Leuten

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